Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We are Marion et Othello de Bozzi
Please read our terms and conditions attentively, as all bookings are subject to
them. Your must read, agree to and sign this document upon arrival in order to
stay in the apartment.

Index of the Terms & Conditions

1 Using a Web Site
"We have the exclusive rights to all content of our website except where indicated was, specified by us.
-No part of this website may not be reused or adapted for outdoor use.
If you want to reproduce all or part of the site, thank you notify us by email and wait for our reply by return.
-We try to make all Web site information as accurate as possible, but must be regarded as a source of information, we are not responsible for errors made in good faith.
2. Reservation
-This lease is entered as a temporary home and craft. The apartment can be used as a main or even secondary and the guest may not practice any business, craft or profession.
-Reservations are only accepted through our site (http://www.paris-paris-apartment.com/, http://www.paris-paris-apartment.fr/) or our authorized agents. All matters not covered by the site should be sent by email.
-By making a reservation, the prospective client (named 'guest' in the General Conditions below) agrees to enter into a contract under these Terms. We consider the contract between the two parties agreed upon payment registered and accepted the terms and conditions.
-It is the responsibility of the guest check that the dates of arrivals and departures listed on his confirmation email are correct. We do not have to change, abandon or repay bookings where the guest has mistakenly returned a wrong date or wrong time. The guest is solely responsible for all obligations covered by the contract and will be responsible for all persons included in the reservation.
-The availability is updated in real time reservations are confirmed immediately by email.
-A copy of the terms will be sent by email. You should read carefully and accept them.
3. Rates
-All rates are quoted in Euros (€) and will be shown to the guest on the confirmation email. Before confirming your booking the total price will be indicated as well as the distribution of quantities (amounts) you pay for the down payment and / or balance. The amount of the deposit and the balance depends on the booking date and the number of nights booked
-We are not responsible for the cost of transportation between the airport / train station and the apartment, meals or other personal expenses.
4. Service Orders
-By making a reservation, you allow us (or our agents) to charge the credit card for the amount indicated and accepted by the guest. You agree not to advertise as lost or stolen card you used for payment, unless you really believe it is in fact, lost or stolen.
-You agree not to advertise as unauthorized any payment for the services you have ordered.
-You hereby acknowledge that any false declaration of loss or theft of your card we will owe the amounts involved.
5. Payment
-A reservation fee of 3% is charged for all reservations. These fees are never refunded whatever the circumstances, even in cases of force majeure.
-For reservations of three or four nights, the total due for your stay is charged at the time of reservation and 3% non-refundable fee. Cancellation fees for bookings of 3 or 4 nights are 100% even in cases of force majeure.
-For future trips, 50% is charged at the time of reservation and 3% non-refundable fee.
"You authorize us to charge the same credit card, the remaining amount due shown on your confirmation, one week prior to arrival. If in the meantime, you may need to switch credit card thank you to inform us through email.
-We accept payment by Visa, Eurocard / MasterCard and American Express.
-You will receive confirmation of your booking by email as soon as payment by credit card has been authorized.
-Bills: The reservation confirmations can be considered as invoices. If you require other documents, thank you for contacting us by email.

6. Secure payment
-All online payments are encrypted (Thawte SSL) via our partner Siriona and processed by the bank CIC.
7. Confirmation
-All reservations are confirmed immediately valid email. If 24 hours after your reservation you have no confirmation email, thank you for contacting us. On arrival, you must sign the booking confirmation and the receipt of settlement. An email indicating the method of key recovery will be sent 10 days before your arrival.
8. Cancellation and variation
-The amounts shown below do not include reservation fees, which are not refundable as stated in Article 5 payment. Cancellation fees depend on the time between the cancellation and the day of arrival. Should there be a refund, it would be made by the same means that the reservation.
The short stays of 3 or 4 days are not refundable as stated in Article 5 payment.
For other trips:
- More than 100 days before arrival: all payments are refunded unless the booking fee is 3%.
- Between 100 and 31 days before arrival: charge 20% of the total due and the 3% reservation fee.
- Between 30 and 15 days before arrival: charge 50% of the total due and the 3% reservation fee.
- Less than 15 days before arrival: 100% loss of fees stay entier.ainsi that the 3% reservation fee.
-The amount to be reimbursed under the cancellation policy terms and conditions will be refunded on the same credit card used for the original payment. We strongly recommend that you purchase insurance will provide coverage if you must cancel your trip.
-We recommend the guest to be insured by an insurance company against the risk of theft, fire and water damage, both for its rental risks for the chattel leased, and for claims from neighbors.
-Change: mean change a change in the dates of arrival and / or departure date. Changes must be requested by e-mail and are subject to availability. If the new length of your stay is less than originally planned, the cancellation charges above will apply on the difference in the number of nights.
9. Force majeure
The lessee is not relieved of its obligation to pay for reasons of absolute necessity,
personal circumstances, death, war, strikes or natural disasters.

10. Arrival / Departure
-The apartment is the subject of this lease shall not, under any circumstances, be employed by a number of persons than indicated at time of booking unless prior approval before arrival.
-The apartment has a capacity of four people. It is not permissible for persons other than those stated on the booking form or present at the arrival, stay in the apartment. We have the right to ask you to leave immediately if these limits are not met.
Arrivals and departures-direct bookings are made at the apartment. For reservations through an agent, thank you check with them.
-The time of arrival (check-in) is between 13.30 and 20 hours. If you arrive outside these hours, or if you are late, thank you for contacting us. Additional charges may apply.
-At check-in, you will be given an inventory of all items from the apartment. You need to check the presence and condition of each item and sign the inventory. Then there will be a quick explanation and documentation on how all the equipment functions (TV, stereo, bathroom, etc.) and you will receive a set of keys.
-You will be asked to sign copies of the confirmation of payment received by e-mail.
-The time of departure (check-out) is before 11am unless previously agreed. At check-out inventory will be checked again. All items missing, broken or damaged shall be recorded and you will be informed of their replacement cost. You authorize us to charge this amount on the credit card used when booking.
-At the end of your stay, when checking, you must leave the apartment clean. You can, if you wish, opt for the cleaning service charged 60 euros. If you decide to clean the apartment yourself, and that during the check-out we believe that the apartment was not cleaned properly, the cost of 60 euros will apply.
-If you lose the keys, you will be charged a replacement fee.
-You can also opt for a cleaning service during your stay. The service costs 60 euros
No refund is due if you decide to leave earlier than the agreed date.
-A set of sheets and towels are left free for your use during each week stay. If you need extra towels or sheets, they cost 30 euros.

11. During the stay
-During your stay, we ask that you treat the apartment as you would with your own and respect the peace of neighbors.
All the furniture and decorating the apartment must be treated with caution. You will be liable for any damage caused to the apartment and its equipment by yourself or by others during the duration of your stay.
-Any item lost, broken, deteriorated or damaged must be replaced or refunded at its replacement value by the guest who requires it .*
-You can use the telephone for local calls on fixed and in some countries indicated on the website paris-paris-apartment.com in the faq section or on the website http://www.free.fr/. For all calls on mobiles in France or abroad, and for calls to pay services, you must pay for the drinks. You authorize us to accept these conditions of sale debit your credit card the full amount of your consumption and the 3% fee payment. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend you to pay for all calls using phone cards that you can easily find in the shops including newsagents.
You agree to:
N-occupy the premises privately to the exclusion of the exercise of any trade, profession or industry, the tenant acknowledging that the lease is granted him only as a temporary home and craft.
"Do not do anything that would disturb the peace of the neighborhood or other occupants.
- To occupy the premises personally and that they would not sub-let, even for free, or transfer its rights to this lease, unless prior written agreement.
- Do not make any amendments or changes in the arrangement of furniture and other places.
- Do not put pet (dogs, cats ...)
- Inform us immediately of any loss or damage occurring in the leased premises, even if this does no apparent damage.
- Prevention in advance of the day and the hour of his arrival.
12. Pets / Smoking
Pets are not allowed in the apartment.
Smoking is also prohibited in the apartment (including the window) and in the stairwell of the building and / or common area. Any trace or smell of smoke in the apartment will result in additional fee of 150 €.
13. Responsibility
We are not responsible for:
- Misrepresentation of facts by others
- Bodily injury or injuries sustained during your stay
- Disputes between a guest and third
14. Termination by us
We may terminate the contract without notice in case the guest ignores a warning from us, disturbs the peace or conduct contrary to the terms of the agreement to such a degree that the cancellation of the contract is justified. If we cancel for reasons stated above, we do not refund the rental fee.
15. Notifications
You must immediately notify us of a change in number and / or date of expiry of the credit card used in connection with your booking, a change of address or billing address, and any violation actual or suspected security such as loss, theft or unauthorized disclosure of your credit card until we are informed of the security breach, you remain responsible for any unauthorized use.
16. Validity of Contract General
If any part of this agreement should be deemed illegal by a court of competent jurisdiction, the validity of other parties are still acceptable. If a rule of this agreement is ineffective in part, the other sections remain valid.

17. Area of jurisdiction
The competent court in cases of dispute is Paris, France.

18. Contact